Michele Jameson is a sugaring specialist. 
She is an expert in hair removal for women and men, using the Sugaring technique, also known as Sugar Waxing.




Women get everywhere sugared, from the eyebrows to the feet, but the most popular treatments are Hollywoods and Brazilians.  Sugaring is more gentle than other techniques as the sugar paste only sticks to hair and dead skin cells so the skin is not 'ripped' as happens with other techniques.  Because hair and follicle is pulled in the direction of growth ingrown hairs are kept to a minimum.  A word to the shy - Michele has seen the intimate area of hundreds of women, nothing phases her.

Sugaring hair removal is fantastic for facial hair, it will clear the upper lip without leaving a red mark and amazingly precise for eyebrows.


Hair removal for men is becoming more popular, a hair free chest and back is currently on trend.  Men are 'enjoying' sugaring as the regrowth is non itchy and hair grows back soft.  Hair free legs and arms are popular with cyclists, not for streamlining, as many believe, but for a very practical reason.  When a cyclists comes off his/her bike, they  tend to get very gritty cuts and grazes because of the surface cycled on.  It is much easier and more effective to clean a hair free wound, so infection is less likely.


Sugar paste (or sugar wax) is applied to the skin warm and flicked off in the direction of growth.  This technique enables the hair to be pulled from the follicle and thus avoids ingrown hairs.  Regrowth takes four to six weeks and comes back soft and without itching.


Michele commenced her training with Sugaring Cane UK and Ireland in 2016 and completed it early in 2017.

Sugaring Cane is a leading European company, passionate about producing the best in class quality products for hair removal, along with developing one of the industry's most effective hair removal training programmes.

For flawless hair removal, please contact Michele to make a booking in her tranquil salon on the Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

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